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The problem

Small business owners see the benefits of DIY website builders, however like yourself, are getting tired of their cookie-cutter templates that are limited, difficult and stressful to work with and also lock them into to their publishing systems – Once you’ve built with them, it’s hard to get out.

The Solution?

Emento bridges the gap between DIY website builders and expensive customized solutions, giving small business owners the opportunity to create beautiful sites for a lower cost. In 2020, Emento Ltd was founded in Glasgow. The company offers stunning bespoke branded website templating solutions built with Elementor Pro, the best WordPress templating system for B2B, E-commerce and Publishing businesses.

Emento was born out of frustration with today’s major website builders. Small business owners know they deserve a quality website that convert their visitors into customers — and they shouldn’t have to go through a hassle to get it.

With Emento, businesses can get a custom website that’s attractive, easy to use, affordable and EXTENDABLE.

Our Mission

Simply put, we want to set you free. No more struggling to use your website editor. No more spending hours fighting with a plugin or widget that won’t work properly. And most importantly, no more settling for lackluster websites that won’t energize your customer base.

Emento strives to provide companies with a fully custom-branded templating system. We’ll start by creating a website using Elementor and then give you the tools that will allow you to build upon your site. You can add widgets, adjust content, and extend your site in any way you choose! Emento will never leave you hemmed in, which means your site — and your business — truly have the freedom to thrive and grow.

How we've evolved





Over the years, we’ve noticed a shift in website building: more and more designers are foregoing hand-coding and opting to use Elementor for WordPress.

Frankly, we think this is great; not only is Elementor one of the best page builders for WordPress, but it is a powerful tool that can challenge the major online D.I.Y website builders and is better in many ways. Ultimately, this allows business owners to use more powerful features and extendability in their websites, creating bespoke sites more in tune with their business needs.

But of course, the rise of Elementor introduced a unique opportunity for us: we noticed a gap in the market between custom site design and DIY website builders. We’re filling the void, offering custom branded templates that users can expand on or further develop with template widgets and other branded elements. These tools will help businesses create effective marketing machines while still hanging onto the ease of use and functionality Elementor offers. We want to better the web by allowing company owners to professionally roll out their brand online, easily and without fuss.

And so Emento was born.

Who we Serve

Today, Emento has a global outreach, with over 250 different clients from all seven continents. We are proud to serve company owners in the eCommerce, B2B, and real estate industries.

Our clients are looking for cost-effective and quick website development that suits their personal brand. They want a website that will stand out from the crowd — not one with the same pre-made template every Tom, Dick, and Harry is using. These business owners are true originals, true entrepreneurs, and they’re fed up with the limitations of other website builders.

Our clients are ready to try building something with no restraints — and the results are always extraordinary.

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See the results

Emento specializes in custom Elementor design — and when we say custom, we truly mean it! Our drag and drop templates make it easy to create a website that is truly unique, and our wide range of Elementor widgets allow you to build upon your website so that it meets all your business needs.

Take a look at a few Emento websites, and you’ll see: the possibilities are really endless!

Contact us today

Whether you’re launching a new company, rebranding your business, or simply looking for a way to attract more eyes online, Emento can help you create a beautiful new website that’s perfect for your business.

We’ll give you the tools to expand your site quickly and cost-effectively, so your website can grow along with your business. What can Emento do for you? Contact us today to see how we can transform your business with a custom website.