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Fast loading, flexibility, and the level of integration with WooCommerce are a few important factors when planning to build an ecommerce website. With Elementor WooCommerce builder, you’ll get all of them and can design single page and archive page templates easily and quickly. 

Having said that, let’s take a look at the differences of available features between Elementor free and pro versions. 

Free vs Pro Versions of Elementor:

Elementor is one of the popular page builders, available both as free and Pro versions. While its free version is open for all to make use of its features, the Pro version of Elementor actually offers a lot more. Some of them are like additional widgets that include call-to-action, media carousel, login, etc., popup builder to build popup forms, for example, essential for online marketing, etc. 

While the free version offers a limited number of features, the Elementor pro version gives you a lot more of them. In Elementor Pro Version, there are more than 3000 ready-to-use, customizable themes and pages on the portal. Pro version users can access all of them and choose the best one as per their requirements.

Elementor WooCommerce Builder:

Especially useful when building eCommerce websites, the Pro version of Elementor offers the whole concept of WooCommerce Blocks for the best results. It helps you deal with designing a page layout to display your products. With WooCommerce Blocks, you can display your products online, make product categories for a better website interface. 

One of the special customization options on Pro version is the Add-to-cart option. You can custom-design layout and showcase your items there. By using the Elementor WooCommerce Builder add-to-cart feature, you can enable your users to shop for your items and check out easily. Both of these features together make way for a good ecommerce website. 

Apart from them, WooCommerce Builder comes with essential widgets for ecommerce websites as follows:

  • Product Price – it is useful for answering shoppers’ price related queries
  • Product Title and Description – it is for showing your store visitors product’s titles and description and help them make an informed purchase 
  • Product Image – it is for showing store visitors what the products really look like
  • Upsells – it is for motivating shoppers to make additional purchase
  • Product Rating – with this widgets, you can allow your shoppers know how others rate your products
  • Product Content – it allows you to add full content of your products
  • Breadcrumbs – with the implementation of this widget in your web store, you can make your customers’ journey easier across your store
  • Product Stock – you can display current availability of each product
  • Meta & Additional Product – this widget minimizes the time to generate product details

Elementor WooCommerce Builder allows you to add WooCommerce products or other elements wherever you like, which may be your home page or even a popup. 

Customization Opportunity: 

You can build your WordPress ecommerce store the way you want it. Elementor WooCommerce builder allows you to custom-build ecommerce stores that would speak to you and hook your customers better than competition. 

High Performance: 

If you want a high performance ecommerce store, look no further beyond Elementor WooCommerce platform. It gives you all those features that can make your online store succeed over and over again. Your customers will love to return to your store, which will be giving a great shopping experience. 

Create Product Landing Pages:

Unlike other ecommerce technologies, Elementor WooCommerce Builder is aimed at simplifying the buying process for customers, from browning the store, to adding products to the cart, or checking out finally. 


Elementor WooCommerce Builder is power-packed with all essential components that ecommerce store developers and business owners would require. They will get everything they need to custom-build the best WordPress theme for eCommerce websites. However, you have to hire an experienced developer to develop your ecommerce website using Elementor WooCommerce Builder

Emento Ltd is one of the top Elementor WooCommerce developers who can  design bespoke drag-and drop-custom templates that are tailored to your brand and your business’s needs. To more details, go to

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