How to Create a Website with Elementor?

Create Website with Elementor

Elementor is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress that allows you to create almost any website you can possibly think of. And the best part of it, it’s completely free! 

Elementor is preferred over a lot of page builders because it’s super easy to use and it has over 2 million active installs. Elementor gives you a ton of customization and provides us with all the materials we need to build a WordPress website.

Let’s go ahead to show you how to create a website with Elementor

Before we start, we need to understand the difference between Elementor for free and Elementor Pro, and the difference between why we need a theme, and what WordPress does. 

To simplify it, a website is nothing more than a few pages that are connected to each other. A page consists of a menu, with a logo and some menu items, the content of the page, and the footer. The menu and footer appear on all pages and the content within those pages is different on all pages. So, to edit these pages, you will need to go to the backend of WordPress. WordPress is the interface where all of your pages are, your plugins, your theme, and your settings, which you can only see when you log in. 

So, back in the days, you would download a theme somewhere on the Internet, which will give you a lot of options to edit your pages, your menu, and your footer. For every page, you would go to a specific edit page where you could play around with the settings of that page. Then, you would save it and check if your changes worked out on the live page. This meant that you had to go back and forth all the time to see if it worked out in the way you wanted. Also, all of the themes had different options, but no theme had all the options. So oftentimes you would stumble upon limitations of that theme and you would need custom code to get the page that you want. 

This is how WordPress works. 
But something new hit the market. The page builder Elementor enables you to skip the edit page and go straight to the live page.

You will get a sidebar with different options and you can drag and drop different elements on the page. It means you don’t need to use the difficult edit page anymore. You can build up your pages super-fast with an experience that is similar to a design tool. The only thing you will still need is a theme to run Elementor because Elementor cannot run without a theme. And you will need a theme to edit your menu and footer. Hello theme is built by Elementor and is clean and fast enabling you to build custom templates from the bottom up. 

So, let’s run through how to build a page using Elementor.

Adding a Video

Go to Elementor free version and open a blank new page. You can just drag the elements out of Elementor on your website. For example, you can drag a video on a canvas, and then you can place a YouTube link there. Thus, you have just added a video to your website. 

Adding Text & Link

Click on the Text sidebar menu, and drag it to the interface to add a heading, for example, to the video. It’s super-easy and you can add the title there. You can also drag a button and make it a link to a website that you want. 

Adding Image

Things like an image gallery, a progress bar, or for example, a testimonial, where you can change the photo, the text, and everything about it.

Now you can click on the publish, the website is saved and the page is live. 

Inserting Template

In order to get page layout ideas or inspiration for what to put on your page, you can also get these from the fully-designed template library available with Elementor. Click on any one of them to get some inspiration and what is even better is that you can insert them straight into the page. So, if you have a template that’s similar to the website you want to create, you just need to click on the Insert and then the whole page is inserted into your page and then you can change that page the way you want it to look. However, those who want fully custom and conversion optimised design templates can click on the Blocks and create a page really fast and it’s super-cool. 

Start Creating WordPress Website without Coding with Elementor
With the combined power of the Elementor page builder plugin and WordPress, you can create websites easily and quickly. The whole program gives you a super-easy visual interface to help you bring your imagination to life while the system will be writing the codes for you behind the scene. Sounds interesting? Try it now! Or else contact an Elementor WordPress developer who can get your job done.

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