We deliver bespoke branded templates, built in Elementor, ready to extend.

Tailored to you.

Unique branding that sets you apart

When you build a website with Emento, you’ll get:

Expert Branding Specialists

Our digital marketing team knows that your website needs to really reach your audience. We will get to know your business inside and out (researching the industry, studying the trends, and profiling your ideal customer) and tailor our templates to reach your target market. With the help of our specialists, your brand will sing — to the right market, with the right words and in the right tone.

Conversion-optimized Design

At the end of the day, your business website has one main goal: convert visitors into customers. To do that, your site will need an attractive and engaging layout that encourages user action. You need users to click, call, or buy — and we can help make it happen.

A Cost-Effective Option

For many small business owners, a fully custom website solution can be beyond the budget. At Emento, we don’t think that’s fair — which is why our bespoke templates cost far less than you think. We’ve built our own streamlined systems that helps us to create sites quickly, allowing us to pass cost savings on to you.

Less Stress

As business owners ourselves, we know that running a company is no easy task. You have a lot on your plate — why add website design to the pile? We will take the frustration of using traditional website builders out of the equation, giving you a site that’s easy to use and always high-quality.

Fully custom,
bespoke to you

If you’ve ever looked at big website builders such as Wix and Weebly, you’ve probably noticed something: their templates suck and lack variety. The trouble is, too many business owners discover this problem too late, and when you’ve invested IN, you can’t get OUT!

We build, you extend

Emento strives to provide another option. We offer scalable, easily developed templates that provide unlimited potential and functionality. You can easily build upon or expand our templates, giving you the freedom to adjust your website as your business grows.

It's what makes you unique

Every business has something that sets it apart from its competitors. That unique element is what makes your business truly yours — so, why would you stifle it with a cookie-cutter website?

Emento helps you build a website that reflects the uniqueness of your business. By using the Elementor page builder, we can give you a site that’s easy to work and expand upon, built on a foundation that’s fully customized just for you.

At Emento, we are specialists in Elementor: the number one page builder for WordPress. But our approach to site design is different from anything you’ve seen before; instead of bland, one-size-fits-all templates, we build conversion optimised bespoke branded templates for customers looking to stand out from the crowd.

With Emento, you’ll get a custom website that truly meets your specific business needs — all while saving time and money. Convert more leads into customers today.

Conversion Led & Optimised For Clicks, Not Bounces

When someone visits your website, you want them to stay, look around, maybe make a purchase or two. How do you make that happen? By designing a site that speaks to your audience and compels them to engage! Emento will work with you to design a conversion-led website.

Defining your value proposition

We will help you clearly define what your business does and why your customers need it. From the moment users view your homepage or landing page, they will understand why your customers should do business with you and the benefit your business provides.

Writing Engaging Copy

Our team of expert copywriters will help craft-engaging copy for your homepage. Our SEO-optimized copy will help you rank higher on Google searches while energizing your audience, getting them excited about your business.

Optimizing UX (navigation paths)

We know (better than Tom, Dick, or Harry) that to convert a customer, you have to create clear navigation paths. Our templates are built to provide optimized navigation paths so that you can easily move users through the marketing funnel.

Designing Branded Visuals

In addition to our custom Elementor pages and widgets, we can create visuals for your website that are sure to boost conversion rates. Engage your visitors with custom graphics, illustrations, and diagrams — all in your brand style.

Maximizing Your Site Speed

No one likes a website that takes weeks to load. Our WordPress Elementor templates are lightning-fast and built to deliver your site anywhere in the world in under 3.5 seconds. We optimize everything from code to images, making sure your customers are not left hanging around.

Creating a Value Add For Customers (Lead Magnet)

We’ve all seen these: the free download a business offers to better explain what they do. It could be a whitepaper, an e-guide, or a sneak peek at what you have to offer — the point is that it gets your audience’s attention. We will help you create a tantalizing teaser that helps you secure those customers.

We Set You Free — For Good

With Emento’s branded templates, you are no longer restricted to your theme limitations. You can visually edit your header, footer, archive page, single posts, and all other parts of your site — something you won’t find with other website builders.

By making the entire web design process visual and code-free, you are able to build upon your Emento theme considerably faster than ever before. This is particularly useful for entrepreneurs that may not be tech-savvy — no more struggling with confusing code! Just use our drag and drop template and you can customize or expand your site at any time

Put The Power In Your Hands

And let yourself be free.

Our custom Elementor for WordPress templates provide a solid branded base for you to build out and extend your website — without having to pay expensive fees for a fully built solution. This can save you time, save money, and set you free from frustrating web builder limitations

Our templates include:

It’s true: your website can develop alongside your business as it grows! Contact us today to see how Emento can help you create a better business website.

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