Why Choose Elementor Page Builder for a WooCommerce Store? Expert Advice

Ecommerce Theme for WooCommerce

Online stores are more complex than regular stores. That’s why not all ecommerce theme builder plugins support WooCommerce. However, Elementor page builder for WooCommerce comes with all those essential built-in features that not only work with WooCommerce but also can deliver on store-owners’ expectations efficiently and excellently. 

What Features of Elementor Ecommerce Page Builder for WooCommerce Distinguish it from Other Page Builders?

Any robust WooCommerce-compatible page builder should help create custom templates for your products and other shop pages. It is especially helpful when your inventory doesn’t fit into the default WooCommerce product page structure. Elementor for WooCommerce Builder can enable you to do it. It also enables its users to apply conditional rules to your templates, and use different page structures for different product categories. 

The Elementor page builder WooCommerce provides specific elements and modules for WooCommerce and all of them are editable. The Elementor for WooCommerce Builder plugin allows you to build new product pages by using a selection of ready-to-go templates. You can design your own layouts using a ‘widget’ system, including product metadata, breadcrumbs, Add to Cart buttons, and more. 

Elementor comes in both free and premium versions. However, WooCommerce Builder functionality is limited to Pro version.

Extendible Template Library:

Elementor Pro for WooCommerce Builder provides access to template functionality. Their library includes a bunch of templates that you can insert with just a click. By using ready-to-use templates, you can design unique product and online store layouts and set conditions to let the plugin know where to implement them. 

Flexible Ecommerce Page Builder:

Considered as the best ecommerce theme for WooCommerce plugin, Elementor is truly much more flexible than other ecommerce builders for WooCommerce, thereby making it a better choice for you. 

Responsive Design:

Majority of online customers come from the mobile segment, which is why having a mobile device-compatible page design is of top necessity. All of the website page layouts that you create with Elementor WooCommerce Builder are automatically responsive (that is, they look good on mobile). The frontend drag-and-drop functionality enables you to preview the real-time page design without leaving the interface. Elementor also takes things further by allowing you to show/hide individual widgets on certain devices. That means if you decide to control the display of a hero image of your store on the mobile version of your website, you can do it with the click of a toggle. 

Maximum Layout Control

Unlike other page builders which don’t allow their users to change positions of code elements flexibly, Elementor page builder for WooCommerce does do it. It allows its users to place every widget, section, and column exactly where they want it. The users of Elementor WooCommerce Builder can set padding and margins for sections, columns, etc. and widgets, and adjust column widths easily, among others. 

Final Verdict:

Elementor Pro WooCommerce Builder lets its users build their theme with drag and drop and gives them tons of helpful functionality to custom build brand templates that really convert, besides providing important marketing tools that are especially necessary for B2B, E-commerce websites. 

Sounds interesting? Do you want your next ecommerce project built by using Elementor Pro? Need a professional Elementor Pro WooCommerce Builder service for your website? Contact Emento Ltd who can deliver bespoke branded templates, built in Elementor.

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