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Today’s business owner has to manage two properties: their brick-and-mortar operation and their company website. After all, the internet is where most consumers start when they’re on the hunt for a new product or service. If your website isn’t informative and (perhaps more importantly) well-designed, many potential customers won’t ever get past the home page.

Does this mean that today’s business owner ALSO has to be a top web designer? Absolutely not!

While the first websites to grace the net were designed by computer wizzes with heads full of code, building a website today can be a fairly painless process. This is due in large part to page builders – website design software that requires little coding from the user to run successfully. With a page builder, even a novice can design an attractive and professional-looking website for their business.

There are lots of page builders available on the internet today – so many, in fact, that they are quickly becoming the norm for website design. But what exactly makes page builders so popular with the public? Let’s discuss the many benefits of using these simple site design programs.

What is a Page Builder?

Before we can discuss why businesses (especially small businesses) love page builders so much, we should first define what a page builder is. To do that, go back a little and discuss the old way to design a website: coding.

In the “old days” of the internet, web developers would slave away at lines and lines and lines of code, creating each and every detail of how the website would look and operate. This process took a long time and was expensive – and frankly, the quality of the finished product varied based on the skill of your developer.

Enter page builders: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Themify, and many more. Instead of asking web designers to write complicated code, these programs were more user-friendly, offering a drag-and-drop method that simplified the website building process. With the launch of these programs, web design shifted from a specialized skill of the tech-savvy to a user-friendly program available to everyone.

Page builders have made designing your website a quick and easy process, which means that many business owners are opting to ditch the web developer and take on the project themselves. And while this decision can have mixed results, page builders allow even the most technologically challenged to create a beautiful way to promote their business online.

Using Page Builders in 2021

Many businessmen and women might think that using page builders is a “no-brainer.” After all, these programs are easy and reasonably priced – and most importantly, they give the business owner a greater degree of control over his or her website.

Add to these benefits the fact that most page builders are compatible with WordPress (the CMS used by a whopping 30% of the internet today), and you have a recipe for instant popularity. WordPress has helped make page builders common across the internet, from personal blogs to major corporations.

If you ask us, this is a great thing. Web page builders are an equalizer, allowing small businesses to create excellent websites – even if they currently lack the resources to hire a professional developer. If you want to build a great website but you don’t have the coding know-how, page builders are a great way to meet your goals.

Benefits of Page Builders

So, now we know what a page builder is, and we know how popular they are… but what exactly makes them such great web design tools? There are several benefits we could discuss – and a few here that we already have (increased control over the finished product, quality design for a lower cost, etc.).

However, let’s get down to the technical stuff: what makes page builders a better choice for small business owners? Here are the top three benefits of using page builders to design your company website:

No Coding Skills Necessary

As a business owner, you’re probably already wearing many hats. You’re a marketer, a bookkeeper, a manager – and these days, thanks to the rise of online marketing and social media, you also need to be an influencer and web designer. Page builders help ease (some of) your workload by taking the coding out of website creation.

With page builders, you simply have to drag and drop the elements you want onto your web page. Need a text box for your homepage copy? Drop it into place. Want to add photos or imbed a video? Drag, drop, and it’s done!

The drag and drop system is useful in two ways. Firstly, it enables you to create a sophisticated and great-looking website without worrying about the details of the code. This means that any business owner can design something that will attract an audience — regardless of their technical skill or their budget. 

Secondly, the drag and drop method used by page builders like Elementor is user-facing, which means it allows the site designer to see the finished page in real-time. There’s no fiddling with lines of complicated code — only to push refresh and see that the website didn’t change the way you wanted it to. You can see exactly what your users see from the first moment to the moment you push “save.”

Customization is Easy

Page builder critics like to point out that, because of all the pre-built modules and design themes on WordPress, people who use page builders run the risk of having a cookie-cutter website. This can be a real issue; as a business owner, you want your website to stand out, not blend in with the crowd. 

But don’t discount page builders that fast! Firstly, there are a lot of WordPress themes (hundreds, in fact), so it’s unlikely that your website will look too similar to your competitors. Additionally, most page builders are outfitted with customizable design elements that help you set your site apart. Elementor, for example, has about 80 customizable design elements! With all these options, you’ll be able to create a custom site that suits your business and your patrons.

And the best part? Customizing these sites is as easy as click, drag, and drop! We know we just discussed this perk, but it bears repeating — using a page builder is easy and efficient. If you want to highlight customer testimonials, add a button where customers can join your mailing list, or even upload an online store, you can do so easily with a page builder.

Build a Website FAST

Quick question: do you know how long it takes to code a website from scratch? The experts will tell you it takes about nine hours — for them, with their abundance of knowledge, experience, and skill. For the average layman? We don’t know the final total, but we suspect it’s time that’s too valuable for you and your business. 

By contrast, you can build a website in a matter of minutes by using a page builder. Sure, you can spend hours playing with the customizable features and modules (and you probably will, because it’s loads of fun), but you can also create a classic, workable website and get it running in a flash. 

This is particularly important in today’s fast-paced world. Ecommerce is a massive industry, bringing in over 9 trillion USD  around the world. If you want a slice of that pie, you need to be able to move FAST — and your website needs to be ready to move with you. With page builders, you don’t lose a day of business because you’re fiddling with code for a site update. You can just update your website and get back to your business!

Boost Your Business with a Website Page Builder

So, now that we’ve discussed the benefits of page builders, let’s examine one question: 

Who are page builders for?

The simple answer is “everyone.” Any person will benefit from using a page builder to create a website, whether they’re designing an online store for their business or simply creating a personal blog. However, it is also true that page builders are especially useful for small business owners. 

By using a page builder like Elementor, small businesses can create high-quality websites that rival larger corporations — all while keeping their message and their targeting true to their brand and their audience. This will help you promote your business online, attracting eyes from around the world and boosting your brand in the long run. 

Whether you want to give your current website a facelift or create something brand new, page builders will help you get there quickly and easily. And if you want a custom-made, quality website even easier, you can use Emento. 

We will build an original website in Elementor just for you! Our templates are customizable for easy site updates and maintenance, and they look exceptionally beautiful. With the help of a page builder (and site designers like us), you can have a great-looking website for many more years.

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